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SOLD OUT! One-Off Hometown Collection "Small-town Girl" Cropped Hooded Jacket


Excited to share the first piece on sale from the Lactose Intoler-Art "Hometown Collection."

Each piece is a one-off, meaning there is only one (ever) in existence!
This capsule collection was inspired by the awkwardness of adolescence, and plays on the ideas of both pride and shame that come from where we grew up.

With a nod to mid 00's trends, each piece is inspired by personal memories of the designer himself, using silhouettes that we're "not quite ready" to embrace yet.

In Japan, there can also be a stigma for fashion people moving from the "inaka" (countryside) to Tokyo, so this collection also explores using traditional Japanese fabrics mixed in as well.

This Small-Girl Cropped hoodie is oh-so-2006, but is intended to be worn in a fresh new way for however you choose to make it work.
Hyper layers? Okay. Literal 2006 crop? Why not!

This piece zips up the front, has a nice lil' hood, and even an awkward curling iron finback button attached.

One Size only-
Please check the measurements carefully-



Width (Under sleeve to under sleeve) 41.5 cm or approximately 16 inches
Length (Top of Shoulder to Bottom of Sleeve) 41.5 cm, or approximately 16 inches
Sleeve Length (Edge of Shoulder to Tip of Sleeve) -57 cm, or 22 inches


**NOTE-These collectable pieces are all one-off items, and have been used in photo shoots/runway collections/exhibitions, etc, and may have very minor blemishes.

Sold Out