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SOLD OUT Hometown Collection LineBacker Polo Shirt


Remake Drama Polo Top, from the Lactose Intoler-Art Hometown Collection.

This one-off piece is made from a reworked, "oh so '05" polo T-Shirt.
Masculine football linebacker pads? Or more like should 80's feminine power working shoulder?

Who knows?

Years later we dorky kids have learned that the polo "uniform" didn't create that identity we may have wanted, but the way we choose to wear our own style can at least express something new and fun! Something, you.

This cartoony top as well as the collection takes uncomfortable trends of the mid 00's to the next level, exploring making something fun and positive out of semi-traumatic "nostalgia."

This particular top and is a one off piece,
Made with massive shoulders, Japanese Obi Belt "hyper popped collar" fabric, and nostalgic van's checkered shoe-esque illustrated printed material.

*This one- off piece was only used in shoots and exhibitions, meaning there will never be another again! Sorry, no returns*

Fits like an American men's Small/Medium.

For questions, email directly at

Sold Out