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Chunky 90s Waffle Platform Shoes

$64.00 - On Sale

This is a great pair of vintage 90s black waffle stomper creepers by Morbid Treads.
This pair has an amazingly unique and rare chunky waffle base, with a nice buckle strap. Great foamy, chunky platform base.
These shoes do show some wear, especially around the upper part of the inside, a bit of the black has torn off, however it is not visible when worn. Some of the black on the top has some scuffing/creasing. Overall these are still a great wearable vintage pair of shoes.

Length (Back of heel to front) 10.4 inches or Approximately 27 cm
Width (Thinnest part of shoe) 3 inches Approximately 8 cm
Length INSIDE shoe from toe to heel Approximately 9.5 inches or 24 cm

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